Municipal Debt Underwriting
SL Hare Capital has served numerous issuers in California and other states in negotiated municipal offerings. The firm has participated in transactions which include revenue bonds, general obligation bonds, Build America Bonds (BAB’s) and others. The firm has served municipal issuers as well as corporations issuing tax free debt via conduits.

The firm is currently a member of the California State Treasurer’s 2009-2011 Municipal Underwriting Pool.

SL Hare Capital has a strong high net worth retail customer base with an active interest in municipal bonds. In addition, the firm has a roster of institutional clients including asset managers of Nuclear Decommissioning Trusts (NDT’s) for major California Public Utility (CPUC) regulated companies.

Municipal Transactions

Corporate Debt Underwriting
SL Hare Capital has participated in debt offerings for several issuers across a broad range of industries, including utilities and alternative energy. Offerings have included both fixed rate and convertible debt.

The firm’s client base for corporate debt securities includes major public pension plans and family offices.

Corporate Debt Transactions

Equity Capital Markets
Through its relationships with major bulge bracket firms and equity issuers, SL Hare Capital has served as an underwriter or selling group member in numerous initial public offerings (IPO’s) and secondary offerings.

The firm’s client base for equity offerings is an elite group of high net worth retail investors and family offices. The firm’s clients are long-term investors and the client roster is constantly reviewed for its commitment to this style of investing.

Equity Capital Markets Transactions